Thursday, March 31, 2011

Commands & Colors: Ancients (GMT) ~ "The Battle of Akragas"

Game: Commands and Colors: Ancients (GMT)
Scenario: The Battle of Akragas - 406BC
Participants: Rikk "The Pirate" M, Myself
Time: Sat, Mar 26th 7.30PM - 8.45PM (Tempe, Arizona)

I got Rikk a copy of CCA to retaliate as he had out of the blue purchased Dominion and Dominion: Seaside for me. The little rascal! I was pretty excited as previously mentioned I am a big fan of CCA (and CCN for that matter) and was very happy to share it with Rikk. He had played it once or twice while he was visiting me out here in STL. As that was several years ago, we spent the first few minutes going over the rules.

We started with the first scenario, the Battle of Akragas. We rolled for sides and I got the Carthaginian's with the Pirate getting the Syracuan's. This scenario is a small one with only 5 blocks needed to win. My force has two chariots as the main feature, behind the chariots I have a Light Infantry, Light Bow and Light Cavalry group covering the main line of one Heavy Infantry unit, two Medium Infantry's and four Auxilia's. I have two leaders and a 5 card hand.

The Battle of Akragas - 406BC
Rikk's Syracusian force is centered on four Heavy Infantry units. The main line is covered by a screen of light units (2xLB, 1xL & 1xLC) as well as a Medium Cavalry unit and two leaders. There are two leaders and the hand size is 6.
Chariots forward!

I believe I started with the Mounted Charge card in my hand, which was a blessing. I opened with a furious charge by my two chariots as well as my LC. Chariots only have two blocks, thus they are easy to kill, but they have a big punch, attacking with 4 dice and defending with 3. I had the additional battle die due to the Mounted Charge card so I was rolling 5 dice in these opening attacks. It was a massacre, when the dust settled, Rikk was down two H units and one leader with a third H having retreated with only one block remaining. Thus I had a three victory block leading in the first couple of card plays. I was not being kind to my gracious host!

"Wow, you're a good player!" - Rikk M

Rikk eventually got the two chariots, but not before I got the one Heavy Infantry unit that had fled. Rikk wisely blocked my retreat on one of the chariots...a nice move for a rookie player. Once my chariots were spent I had four victory blocks to Rikk's two, I only needed one for the win. Rikk regrouped his line setting up a Line Command card play. I was also grouping my Infantry together in the middle as I had a Double Time card up my sleeve. As soon as Rikk's line was in range I played this and got three Infantry units crashing into his center. I got the last victory block for the win.

Victory in the Center

We had a good laugh over my amazing dice and card combination with the chariots. Another hour well spent with CCA.

"Yes, I am number 1!" ;)

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