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Commands & Colors: Napoleonics (GMT) ~ Rolica (French Second Position), 17 Aug 1808

Game: Commands & Colors Napoleonics (GMT)
Scenario: Rolica (French Second Position), 17 Aug 1808 (Scenario #2) & Vimiero, 21 Aug 1808
Participants: Bob H and Myself
Time: Mon, Sep 5th, 2.00PM - 4.30PM

Labor day found Bob and I back at the table ready to pick up with CCN. We picked the second scenario, which historically is a different part of the same battle (Rolica) as depicted in the first scenario. I think I was attacking in the last one so we started off with Bob attacking with the British and Portuguese in this one. This scenario is about the same size as the first one, the Allied player (Bob) has a 6 card hand while the defending French only have 5 cards. Victory is decided by the first player to get five Victory flags. This scenario has some interesting terrain. The Rugged Hills channel the attacker in his approach as well as block line of sight and prevent entry by all units. 

Bob opens with the "Le Grande Manoeuver" card advancing on my right. Then he is able to bring up two artillery units in the center supported by Infantry. I am getting very uncomfortable now with those guns only three hexes away. Bob then continues to press on my right, but I drive him back with losses here. Bob then brings up his battery on this side as well as moving his Heavy Cavalry into range. I have a unit off the hill now and they are getting nervous with the approaching Heavy Cavalry. Bob unleashes a "Cavalry Charge" card on these guys and they quickly go into square. Bob then rushes up some artillery after I destroy the Cavalry unit with supporting fire. 

Set Up
I am out of cards that allow me to do anything on my right, so I launch an attack in the middle hopping to take advantage of my melee prowess (French Infantry get an additional die in melee combat). I am able to drive off the guns (both batteries) but they only retreat one hex and Bobs infantry stay in place...now I am in trouble as I am even closer to his guns and in the open. 

Bobs initial advance on the Right is pushed back

Bob then sends in the Heavy Cavalry and Artillery

Bob then moves the action to the right again killing my squared unit with artillery and ranged fire. I am down to one 2-block unit on my right. Then the center heats up again with Bob pushing my three units back, destroying one and gravely injuring another. A "Bayonet Charge" takes out my lone unit on the right, taking the leader with them. Bob now has four flags to my two...he is getting close. More pressure in the center gives him the 5th flag and the win. 

The French attack in the Center to drive off the Artillery
"Bayonet Charge" Does in the French Right

This was a pretty good scenario. Bob was able to effectively use all three branches of his force in the mixed terrain. We got to see some Heavy Cavalry dash about (and subsequently get eliminated) as well as aggressive use of Artillery in the advance. The whole thing took less then an hour, so we quickly set up the next scenario. 

Vimiero - 21 August 1808 (Scenario #3)

Vimiero at Start Set Up
We then went to the next scenario in the book, "Vimiero". This one is larger then the prior two both in the number of units involved and the number of victory flags needed for a win (6). The terrain is much more open as well with a lot of open ground to cover for the attacking French. We diced for sides and I got the British. 

The French drive the British out of Ventosa on my left

Bob opens the action on my left responding to me running into the town in front of his forces. He runs up with a move three Right card, I don't do much in response and then he uses "Bayonet Charge" to eliminate my unit in the town. He continues to advance on this side but I am able to push his attacking units back with my return fire. 

Then the action moves to my right as Bob sends forward a large force. The slaughter starts in my next turn as I start taking out his units using ranged fire. I have some artillery on the hill in front of him and am really taking a toll on his advancing forces. We see about four french infantry units melt before our eyes. Amazing! I am now up four or five flags to one and nearly as soon as it started this one looks like its going to be over. 

The French Assault takes heavy losses from British fire

Bob does finally get a foothold on the hill in the middle but I then send in the Portuguese Cavalry and finish them off, getting the last flag for the win. This one was really over fast as I diced the heck out of Bob. Both of us were scratching our heads after this one, wondering what a poor attacker is to do when advancing on British Infantry and Artillery in terrain. 

The End...note the lack of French units on the British Right

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