Saturday, February 5, 2011

Advanced Squad Leader (MMP) ~ "Dead of Winter" [T6]

Game: ASL
Scenario: Dead of Winter [T6]
Participants: Jim "HeavyD" D and myself
Time: Friday, Feb 4th ~ 6.00PM - 8.30PM

As we are currently in the dead of winter here in St. Louis, I thought about this scenario when it came time to pick something to play on Friday night with HeavyD. I recall playing this one at least once before. I know its been out a long time, so its hard to recall how many times I played in the pre-ROAR era. Speaking of ROAR, this one has been played (and entered into ROAD) 142 times, 83 of those (58%) were German wins. I can see why. However its certainly winnable by the Russians and I would play it as them.

The scenario takes place in December 1941 on half of board 4. The Germans have three 1st line squads, a pair of leaders (9-2 + 8-1), a MMG, LMG and a DC. The Germans also have a 37L ATG and a Pz-IVE (75*) that starts the scenario immobile, using the armored copula rules. The Germans have 6 Trenches. The Russians (Siberians in this case) start with six 6-2-8s, two leaders (8-1, 8-0...which you can trade in for a commissar) and three T-34 M40's (radioless).

The Victory Conditions have the Russians exiting 20 or more VP to get the win. Thus getting off the three T-34s is enough for the win. There is Extreme Winter as well as deep snow, meaning that the MP/MF cost if increased for all units, +.5MF for infantry and +1MP per vehicles. Looking at the map and then doing the math, you quickly see that the Russian player has to move and move pretty fast with both his Infantry and AFV's to even have a chance in this one.

End of Turn 3
Both of the German main AT assets are hardly up to the task, the 37L has a TK# of 9 and the Pz-IVe isn't much better with its AP and HEAT TK numbers. Thus unless you can get a rear shot, you are likely going to be making DI shots to try and immobilize one or more of the T-34s.

I set up as the Defenders as HeavyD was the defender the last time we played. The game went the distance with HeavyD unable to get the needed VPs off the map on the last turn.

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