Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ukraine '43 (GMT) ~ "Crisis on the Dnieper", Part 2

Game: Ukraine '43
Scenario: #4 "Crisis on the Dnieper"
Participants: Bob "The Marshal" H, Myself
Time: Thursday, Feb 10th ~ 7.15PM - 9.00PM

Tonight we only had time for one complete turn of U43. Bob had four attacks, one in the Bukrin Bridge head, two around Dnepropetrovsk and one North of Melitopol. The one near Bukrin went well, I believe he killed two or three steps against loosing one of his own. He took the hex, but I still am strong in that area. Further south he was able to put enough pressure on the city with the Damn in it that I decided to blow the damn, giving him the two VP's. I elected to still defend the city while running another Division in to reinforce it. He's taken some heavy losses here and I hope to delay him a turn or two longer here. 

In the South he had Marshal Zhukov attack again and this time it cost him. I think I took one step while he had to attack twice loosing something like 4-5 steps in the process. I pulled the line back after killing two steps in a local counterattack. Meanwhile he is off to the races further south. I don't know how I'm gonna slow him down there, all I can hope is that his supply line doesn't reach out far enough to continue the pursuit.

 The above three pictures show the line as it stands at the start of his next turn.

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