Saturday, August 6, 2011

Here Come the Rebels! (MMP) - "The Maryland Campaign" [Scenario #7] ~ Part 2

Game: Here Come the Rebels! (MMP)
Series: Great Campaigns of the American Civil War
Scenario: The Maryland Campaign, Scenario #7 [Updated via the Skirmisher #2 rules]
Participants: Jim "HeavyD" D, Myself
Time: Fri, 8/5 ~ 6.30PM - 9.00PM

HeavyD and I picked up on turn 6 (Sept 9th) for this evenings session of HCR. HeavyD had just laid siege to Harpers Ferry the prior turn while Longstreet's Corps was running around Frederick County destroying bridges and rail road stations. Rain had also slowed my advance down to 3-4 hexes per Corps on the prior turn. With most of Jackson's Corps involved in besieging Harpers Ferry, I have hope of catching elements of Longstreet's Corps spread out and in some cases still out of supply.

The night opens with Union Commitment (the third thus far) for the random event. We jump right into the action rounds forgetting to roll on the Harpers Ferry surrender table. We do this around the third action and HeavyD rolls an eleven, the garrison surrenders. Neither one of us was expecting this. With this event, all of the garrison forces, 16SP are removed from the map and VPs are awarded for their loss (+16VP), also HeavyD can destroy the Depot for another 10VP which he does this turn. 

Jackson starts heading East as HeavyD decides to make a stand on the Monocacy River with Longstreet's Corp. At the start of the turn most of my Infantry divisions are 8-12 hexes from this line. The turn plays our quickly with HeavyD winning nearly all of the early action rounds, thus he's able to position his units behind the bridges and fords well in advance of any of my units even getting close to the scene. He also starts to destroy bridges across the River. Soon he is passing and I am now able to move the bulk of my units. 

Start of Turn 7

Turn 7 opens with Jackson bringing two of his divisions over along the Potomac leaving AP Hill back in Harpers Ferry. Longstreet's Corps is slowly getting into position behind the Monocacy. HeavyD has a few divisions that are still out of supply as well. The turn goes fairly quickly and is again very much HeavyD getting most of the early activations and leisurely getting in position largely before I have moved. Eventually he starts passing and I move the bulk of my Army closer to the Monocacy River line. Interestingly we roll for early end the turn three times, with the turn ending on the third check (if we both roll 1's on our action round roll, one player rolls a 2nd d6, if this comes up a 1 or 2 the turn ends right there). 

Start of turn 8

Turn 8 opens with a small chance for me. If I can string 2-3 action rounds together in a row and then get good march rolls, I feel like I can cross in front of HeavyD's units north of Frederick. I have Reno and Hookers Corps up North and they have been marching very well. The rest of my army is grouped up in the center with Sigel's 11th Corp in the South along with Sykes division from the 5th Corps. HeavyD has been busy burning bridges and breaking off units to man all the crossing sites. 

Reno and Hooker's failed bid to cross the Monocacy River

We start off and HeavyD gets the first few action rounds, which has been the theme for this evening. He is able to break off another unit and cover all the good sites. The fords that he leaves open are usually open ground adjacent to a large one of his division, not a good idea for me to try a crossing in those conditions. I finally get a couple of activations and Reno rolls average for MPs, thus he's not going to try and make an attempt at crossing. Hooker gets the next action round and he rolls well, catching up with Reno's Corps. Then we both roll 1's for initiative and a subsequent 1 ends the turn. Wow! 

Ending positions, Turn 8

As its getting late and the next turn will likely be a long one, we decide to call it an evening. Not a lot of excitement tonight, but the tension is mounting. I have to find away across the Monocacy (how on earth is that pronounced?) in order to push him out of the county. Soon the VP's he's getting for being there will go up. HeavyD has 54VP's at the end of this turn, just 30 short of a victory. We should be back at it next week.

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