Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adrennes '44 (A44)

Game: Ardennes '44 (GMT) - Six Turn Scenario
Participants: Bob Hinson (USA), Myself (German)
Time: 7.30PM - 9.15PM

Situation near Clervaux at the end of the Dec 16AM turn. 
Tonight Bob and I started A44, the six turn scenario. It being December 16th and all we decided to give this game another go. Bob and I had both recently played Simonich's N44 and TCC and enjoyed them. We had played this title about a year ago and liked it. My current favorite Bulge game remains Bitter Woods, but A44 is a close 2nd.

I had a pretty good start, I rolled a lot of 1's and 2's, thus pushing Bob's troops off his starting line. We averted a near disaster near Clervaux when I had the 2nd Panzer Divisions Panther Battalion cross the Our River at Dasburg in error. The attack went well and I got another attack due to the Breakthrough Combat (19.4) result, so I advanced to Clervaux and pushed the 9th Armored Division battalion out of town...luckily we caught the error (vehicle units cannot cross and unbridged river) and we were able to redo the attack, which still went very well for me.

The Northern Shoulder Sector (end of Dec 16AM turn)
In the North things also went well. I should be able to make good progress with the 1SS and 12SS in the PM turn. As you can see the Losheim Gap is open, I should be able to have the 1SS attack near Andler this next turn. I hope the 3FJ can continue to push the 99th back to Bullingen (1731).

We plan to resume on Sunday.

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