Friday, December 17, 2010

Steam (Mayfair Games)

Game: Steam (Mayfair)
Participants: Dave A, HeavyD, YJ and Myself
Time: 3.30PM - 8.45PM

Steam is a 3-5 player train game. Each player tries to build out track and haul goods, earning money and/or victory points. This was the second and third time I've played the game. I really like it, but its one of those games where I know I'll never be competitive at. I understand the mechanics of the game and think they're really neat, but when it comes to knowing how to maximize my move in relation to the other players (mainly YJ here) I am at a loss. Perhaps its a game where playing it a bunch would lead to that, however, like Agricola it's not likely going to be played by us that often.

The first game was Dave's first one and YJ and my second. We mostly re-learned the game and taught it to Dave at the same time. Then we ran out of time as HeavyD showed up, so we restarted on the other central Europe map (included on the back of the NE USA map). The second game went the distance with YJ having a 5-7VP lead, Dave was in second with HeavyD a distant third and myself in the distance in fourth place. Even though I knew I was loosing fun was had by all. I imagine the next time this one will be played is when we have another visit from Dave.

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