Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ardennes '44 (GMT)

Game: Ardennes '44 (GMT)
Participants: Bob H and Myself
Time: 2.00PM - 5.00PM

We continued today with our 2nd sitting, I started off with my 16PM turn. I came in thinking that I would try and set up the 1SS for a night move, but they were in a good position to crack open the US line in the PM turn. Also, I realized late in the turn that KG Pieper (4 units) would be able to move + fight in the PM turn, then again move + fight in the night turn. Thus I was able to open the line in the PM turn and move KG Pieper and 12SS through/into it.

In the AM turn, the gate was open and I was able to move both Panzer divisions deep into Bobs rear. This might be a game-ender...we'll see. I also was able to move next to one fuel dump and it was the actual dump. I attacked it and was able to secure it. Additionally, I was able to attack and eliminate two artillery batteries and encircle most of the rest of the 99ID as well as other elements. Now the race is on as Bob got the 11th Armored Division as reinforcements in his AM turn and they are moving in. Bob pulled out the 99th and 2nd and is attacking West trying to break out.

In the Center I moved the 2P around Clervaux and went after the 9th Armors CCR. Lehr moved up slowly across their bridge and focused on Clervaux. I continued to attack towards St Vith with the 116th PD and the VD divisions in the area. These attacks went poorly with me loosing several armored steps and not making much progress.

The 7th Army made very little progress except near the seam with the 5th Panzer army, here he is still falling back and trying to establish a line. Elsewhere along the 7th Army's front I have taken 4-6 steps in losses and he is still holding his initial line.

There was a lot of down time while we each did our turns. Also, the next time I play this game I have to make a list of all the little details that happen in the first couple of turns:

  • KG Pieper free Night Move
  • No Bridge Blowing 
  • German Reinforcements in 17AM
Overall a very good time though. I love the puzzle that this game presents each player with. You have so many holes to exploit of fill, agonizing combats to decide on and deciding which artillery units to flip or move. Good Stuff. 

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