Saturday, January 8, 2011

Advanced Squad Leader (MMP) ~ “Silesian Interlude” [J63]

Game: Advanced Squad Leader
Scenario: Silesian Interlude (J63)
Participants: Joe C and Myself
Time: Friday, Jan 7th  ~  6.00PM – 10.30PM

Joe’s Birthday was today, so I asked him what he’d like to play and his answer was ASL. One of the many things about ASL that I like is the ROAR website. I use this site to track all of my games as well as screen what scenarios I end up playing. I wanted to go back to Journal 3 as it had a lot of good scenarios that I have not played. Additionally, most of the scenario’s allow me to use my ASL set Version 2.0, that is my new edition counters that I have clipped. You can see the difference in the ratty 25+ year old counters from my last ASL blog compared to these. Also we are using two maps that are enlarged and laminated. 

My prized Dice Tower
I’m surprised that I had not played this one before. According to ROAR it’s got nearly 200 recorded playings and is very balanced (Rus 106/ Ger 82). I can see why this is an easy choice for a tournament scenario. The scenario has the Germans attacking a smaller group of Russians needing to take 4 building and hold them while exiting 11CVP off the Russian side of the map. The Russians start with 8 squads, 6 4-5-8’s and 2 5-2-7s as well as two leaders and a few machine guns as well as an ATR. The Russians also start with an IS-2, T-34/85 and a 45LL ATG. The Russians also have six concealment counters. On turn 4 the Russians get two more 5-2-7s and two SU-100s.

It was when I was writing about the German OB that I noticed that we had taken 4-6-8s instead of 4-6-7s called for on the scenario card. What a hoot. So, while providing an evenings worth of entertainment for the both of us we had broken it from the start…YJ had pulled out the wrong squads for the Germans. After we rolled for sides, I didn’t catch the error. So I will hang some pictures to remind myself that one of the first and most important rules in ASL is READ THAT WORDS ON THE SCENARIO CARD! ;)

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  1. Very cool looking Dice Tower. Do you use it when playing other games or do you have one per game series? ;-)

  2. Ian,

    Yes, I only use the tower for ASL. Dice-Cups for all the other games.