Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ardennes ’44 (GMT) – 8 Turn Scenario, Part 3

Game: Ardennes ‘44
Scenario: 8 – Turn Scenario
Participants: Bob H and Myself
Time: Thursday, Jan 13th ~ 7.15 – 9.30

Northern Shoulder
Tonight we got together to bang out two more turns of our 8-turn scenario game. Bob sat down to do his 17PM turn, then we did night and I made my 18AM turn. This first picture is what the Northern Shoulder looks like. I cleared St. Vith and took a shot at Malmedy, loosing two irreplaceable steps of the 1SS. Bob did a DD and held me out. He is was down to a remnant unit there. However he was able to get more guys in there in his next movement phase.

Bastogne to Vielsalm
Things continued to go well in the center with Lehr getting into Bastogne despite Bob having artillery support. I routed the unit there. Bob was able to get a line up starting near Vielsalm. Here I have the battered 116PD catching up after assisting with clearing St Vith. This will be a hard line to break in the remaining turns given the terrain and the strength that Bob has there. 

The 7A continues to make good progress. 5FJ was able to clear out Mersch with little cost. He is running out units and frontage further South. 
The fighting around Mersch
These last three pictures bring us the the end of the US movement phase in 18AM. As you can see the two airborne divisions are near Bastogne (in trucks). 

Finally here is an overview of the whole map. Current VP counts are:

6PA - 1
5PA - 6
7A - 4

Thus 11 VP's of the needed 14 to date with 3 complete turns remaining (18PM, 19AM & 19PM).

Playing time is at 8.5 hours for five turns. Not bad.

Start of German turn 18PM

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  1. So are you confident of getting the last 3 points? Looking good