Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ardennes ’44 (GMT) – 8 Turn Scenario, Part 2

Game: Ardennes ‘44
Scenario: 8 – Turn Scenario
Participants: Bob H and Myself
Time: Thursday, Jan 6th ~ 7.15 – 9.15

Bob and got together on your usual Thursday night to continue our A44 game. I sat down to do my 17A turn prior to him arriving. In the North with the 6PA I knew I was behind the curve, still looking for that break out. Bob had deftly dealt with my advances by using terrain to his advantage as well as some stubborn resistance from the US 99th ID. Meanwhile I knew that I was doing very well in the center with the 5PA having cleared Clervaux easily and taken some key bridges in 116PD area. 7A was making good progress as well. Here are some pictures of the fronts at the start of the German 17AM turn Combat phase:

The Yellow Dice I use for Pre-Artillery Odds, while the red ones represent Bridge blowing possibilities.

The Combat phase went fairly well. Bob started to pull back in 5PA section. I finally had some room to maneuver there. The three Panzer Divisions in the 5A continued to drive deep into enemy territory. The 7A is starting to move as well, Bob having to shorten his line dramatically in that sector.

6PA 17PM
I was finally able to break through the initial line and move into some of the open terrain behind Bob's starting line. 12SS, 1SS and 3FJ are in the open and moving towards Malmedy. Bob was able to keep most of the 99th's line intact with help from the arriving 7th AD. Here is the situation at the end of the German 17PM turn.

5PA 17PM

Instead of going for Bastogne, I went for Houffalize, routing the US armor there and getting a Battalion from the 2PD in there. Lehr is done cleaning up some surrounded units and will be able to get out in front again next turn. The 26ID was able to take Wiltz and beyond, getting through the heavily wooded area prior to US reinforcements arrival on the scene.

7A 17PM

7A has made some good progress, not taking the losses that I had seen in our last game. I have eliminated several of Bobs units, forcing him to keep falling back on the risk of further encirclements.

Here are the current VP counts by Army:

6A - 0
5A - 5
7A - 3

I have four more turns (plus night turns) to get to 14 VP. We will start with Bobs 17PM movement phase on Sunday afternoon.

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